7 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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A Valentine’s Day gift is so much more than just about the present. It’s an expression of your feelings.

The gift is really only a token to how much you care about that special someone. It’s the thought that goes into it that matters so much more.

That’s why, when it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift, presentation is everything.

So here are some creative gift wrap ideas to give your Valentine present maximum impact.
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Quick And Easy Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift wrap ideas - Gifted Gift Bows

Half the fun of receiving a gift is unwrapping it. And a beautifully wrapped gift just adds to the excitement.

At this time of year you’ve probably got loads of gifts to give. And no doubt, you want too wrap them in style. But because of the pressures of this hectic season, you may not have as much time as you’d like to dedicate a lot of effort into wrapping each of your presents. So here are some quick and easy gift wrap ideas for maximum impact but with the minimum amount of fuss.
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The Easy Way To Find Christmas Gifts

Robin Memo Holder from Mocha

The festive season should be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. But with so much to organise  it can often be an overwhelming and stressful time.

And though choosing  Christmas gifts for family, friends and work colleagues should be a fun and pleasurable activity, it may feel more like a daunting task.

How do you choose the perfect present for each person? And without trawling through the shops, crowds and queues and nightmare parking, where can you find original items that will delight and thrill? (Without breaking the bank?)

That’s why I created this new Christmas Gift Guide.

There are loads of gift ideas for everyone, at all budget levels. And plenty of handy tips on how to select the perfect gift. So even finding presents for those hard to buy for people will be a breeze!

In addition, to all of that, there is some gift wrapping inspiration for you to wrap up your presents with some creative flair.  Best of all, you probably have most of the material you’ll need already, and they are so easy to do.

So if you want to know how to make some striking home made gift wrap out of newspaper, or using some twine and autumn leaves, get your free copy of the Mocha Christmas Gift Guide now.

Mocha Christmas Gift Guide

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7 Quick And Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

Part of the fun of receiving a gift is unwrapping the present. And a beautifully wrapped gift is an art in itself.

Because  you’ll probably be wrapping  loads of presents in the next few days, I thought you might enjoy these inspiring and creative gift wrap ideas.

Not only do they look stylish and original, but they’re also so quick and easy to do. But the best thing about them is that you’ll already have available most things you’ll need for the gift wrapping. So these ideas are really cost effective too.

3D wrapping paper

3D Wrapping Paper

Instead of buying wrapping paper, have you ever thought of making your own?  This 3D wrapping paper creates a really dramatic effect, yet takes no time at all. The butterflies or bows in a contrasting colour give it such a wow factor.

Ombre wrapping paper


Ombre Wrapping Paper

This hand painted Ombre wrapping paper couldn’t be easier to do. And as Ombre is a big trend right now in fashion and interiors you’ll get extra style points for presenting a gift in ombre gift wrap.

Ruled gift wrap

Ruled Gift Wrap

It’s amazing how standard, every day materials can take on a whole new appearance with a bit of imagination. Go old school and use regular ruled paper as gift wrapping. The addition of a bow and simple red ribbon are the perfect finishing touches.

Gift tags with a difference

Gift Tags Lolly Pop Sticks

Instead of just adding a gift tag as an afterthought, how about making it an integral part of your presentation? These gift tags create a striking decorative effect. And would you believe, they are made from nothing simpler than wooden ice lolly sticks and coloured yarn!

Use one stick to write who the gift is to, another who it is from, and the third for a short personalised message.

How to make a paper bow

Chevron bows

A bow just adds decorative flair to any gift. And these paper bows with a trendy chevron pattern add an extra little twist. You can find the instructions of how to make one here along with free template to download.

Wine bottle cozy

This wine bottle cozy looks so snug. The perfect packaging for this time of year, it turns one gift into two. And it’s made from an old jumper. So if you have any worn out old jumpers, this is an ideal way to recycle and re-purpose them.


Gift cuff

Here’s another way to re-use an old sweater. Create a cuff that wraps around a boxed gift for a simple, but really stylish effect. The tactile texture and grey colour contrasts so beautifully with the simple box.  And the woolly pom pom, just finishes it perfectly.

Which gift wrap idea do you like best? Please tell me in the comments below.

PS: Here are even more gift wrap ideas for you …

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7 Original Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of the most exciting things about receiving a gift is the suspense of what might be hidden inside – and then the pleasure of unwrapping it. Rather than just using standard wrapping paper, personalising your gifts by wrapping and decorating them in innovative ways makes them extra special.

With the gift giving season now well and truly upon us, here are some original gift wrapping ideas for you to try. Or why not use them as a starting point for inspiration to come up with some gift wrap ideas of your own? (And if you do, please send me some images.)

Gift wrapping using autumn leaves and twine

A simple but dramatic gift wrapping idea using autumn leaves and brown twine. Natural and earthly, the warm colours of the leaves are evocative of the season and it is so easy to do. Just wrap your present in simple white paper such as tissue paper or baking parchment. Then wrap the twine around in a crisscross pattern and place a leaf under each section.

Woven Paper Gift Topper

This woven rainbow gift topper is so bright and cheerful; and a really economical way to gift wrap your presents. You can find the instructions for how to do it here.

Cup cake gift decorations

There is inspiration to be found for decorating gifts all around your home. Look how you can jazz up plain wrapping paper using foil baking cups.

Fabric flower gift decorations

Scraps of fabric can be turned into beautiful flowers and ribbons, transforming your gifts into something exquisite.

Gift wrapping pom poms

Sticking pom poms in a grid pattern onto plain craft paper is an original way to decorate a gift. The modern design is very effective, and so easy to do.

Gift wrapping coloured yarn

Tying different coloured yarn around a present wrapped in plain paper is another quick and simple way to brighten it up.

Print your own wrapping paper

You could even have a go at printing your own wrapping paper.  Here’s how to do it.

All that’s left to do now is find those original gifts so you can wrap them up.

PS: Here are even more gift wrapping ideas

Which ideas are your favourites? Please tell me in the comments below.

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