How To Add Modern Antiquity Style To Your Home

Ancient Modern Staircase

The ultimate contrast of old and new. Modern Antiquity is one of the freshest trends in interior design.

The perfect style to give your home some unique personality; it adds layers of depth and interest to contemporary interiors.

The key to this look is simplicity. Choose one or two elements to introduce into a room. And create a balance between the ancient and modern. The effect doesn’t have to be too perfect. On the contrary – just like the rustic look – some wear is part of the appeal.

Here are some ways you can integrate a taste of the style, adventure, and mystery of ancient meets modern into your home.


Two thousand years ago all the finishes and furnishings for the home were made from natured materials. They included wood, stone, terracotta, marble and leather. And for a touch of luxury, metallics such as bronze, silver and gold.

You can add some really fascinating effects in your space by combining old and new elements.

A rough stone wall set against smooth, contemporary flooring. A dark wooden table with an aged appearance in a bright, modern dining room. Or home accessories that reference antiquity displayed on new floating shelves.

And the addition of lighting to focus on those features will highlight them even more.

Sian Elin Cushions


Geometric and repeat patterns featured predominantly in Greek and Roman design.

Cushions with geometric designs (such as these ones by Sian Elin) are a great way to jazz up a plain sofa.

While tiled mosaic floors or rugs featuring repeat patterns evoke the luxury of ancient Roman villas.

Ancient meets modern mosaic floor tiles

Ancient Roman mosaic

Decorating colours of ancient Rome


In ancient Rome, the colour scheme was comprised of earthly pigments: terracotta, cinnabar, vermilion, bright yellow and cobalt blue. Blues were also a predominant colour in ancient Egypt from lapis lazuli to turquoise. As well as green and gold.

Why not go bold and paint blocks of colour on your walls to create a wallpaper effect? And if you’re feeling really creative, you could even try drawing in some classical columns.

Or, for a more subtle look, use a selection of colours from this palette for your home accessories.

Pacco Antiquitus Floating Drawer from Mocha


Ancient Romans liked space and simplicity in their decor. This philosophy resonates so well with contemporary design aesthetics.

Furniture in ancient Greece was mainly constructed from wood. While in ancient Rome they would sometimes combine wood with other materials. And bronze, silver, gold or marble would be incorporated into the construction of their furniture.

Amphorae and terracotta jars

Ancient meets modern terracotta pots

Home accessories

Terracotta jars, pots and amphorae in different shapes and sizes served a range of different functions in the times of antiquity. Their uses included storing wine, olive oil, perfume, as planters and for decoration.

Create a dramatic effect by displaying several oversized terracotta planters or jars together in a group.

What do you like about the Modern Antiquity look? How would you add it into your home?

[Images:  1-7 - Mocha | 8 - Ancient Surfaces]

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