Quick And Easy Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift wrap ideas - Gifted Gift Bows

Half the fun of receiving a gift is unwrapping it. And a beautifully wrapped gift just adds to the excitement.

At this time of year you’ve probably got loads of gifts to give. And no doubt, you want too wrap them in style. But because of the pressures of this hectic season, you may not have as much time as you’d like to dedicate a lot of effort into wrapping each of your presents. So here are some quick and easy gift wrap ideas for maximum impact but with the minimum amount of fuss.

Gifted Gift Bows

Gifted gift bows from Mocha

It doesn’t get much easier than Gifted Gift Bows. Simply slip one of these ribbon bands directly onto any object to turn it into an instant gift. They are also perfect for awkwardly shaped presents that are hard to wrap. Rather than struggling with the paper, and trying to fold it at odd angles, slip on a gift bow and you’re done!

Nature inspired gift wrap

Nature inspired gift wrap

A simple brown paper package tied up with string is totally transformed with the addition of this nature-inspired gift topper using pine cones, berries and leaves. And the rustic look echoes the season perfectly. You can also experiment with twigs, and different shades of leaves. So why not take a walk outside to see what you can find. And create your own take on gift wrapping with a touch of nature.

Newspaper gift wrap

Newspaper gift wrap

Recycled your old newspapers and turn them into gift wrapping paper. The addition of a newspaper flower embellished with some curls of coloured ribbon create a great effect.

Pleated gift wrap

Pleated gift wrap

This plain purple gift wrap paper is totally transformed with the addition of three folded pleats and a couple of matching coloured ribbons. It’s easy to do, but creates such a wow effect.

Recycled sweater gift bags

Recycled sweater gift bags

These gorgeous looking gift bags are made from old sweaters. They are perfect for presenting all kinds of gifts. Just finish off with a ribbon tied around. They are a great way to recycle any unwearable jumpers you may have. And the gift recipient will probably love their cosy looking gift bag, just as much as their present!

PS: If you want even more inspiration here are 7 Quick and Creative Gift Wrap Ideas and 7 Original Gift Wrapping Ideas

[Image credits: 1-2 Mocha | 3 – DIY Network | 4 – Andrea Dekker | 5 – Jane Means | 6 – Gratefulprayerthankfulheart ]

How To Choose A Gift For The Person Who Has Everything

How to choose a gift for the person who has everything

The gift giving season should be such a magical time, and a pleasurable experience. All about the enjoyment of choosing the perfect gifts for the people you care about.

But more often than not it can be stressful. It’s always such a busy time of year. So between the time pressures and indecision about what to buy, the experience can feel like purgatory.

Gifts often say more about your feelings than words ever can. But what happens when you can’t find the ideal present to convey those thoughts and feelings?

Then it just becomes downright frustrating.

And it’s even more difficult when you’re trying to choose a gift for the person who (appears) to have everything.

They seem have all the latest gadget and gizmos. And they don’t seem to want for anything. So what do you buy for them as a gift?

A bigger and better gift?

You might think you have to go extravagant and buy something over the top. But the reality is do the opposite. Don’t go extravagant – go simple.

Think about practical gifts that fulfil basic pleasures like a notebook, mug, candles or a vase. These are always useful. But to make it more unique, go for designs that have a bit of a twist.

You could make up a presentation of a beautifully wrapped basket containing several different items.

Novelty gifts

Another common quick fix is to buy a novelty gift that will just give them a laugh.

Without a doubt, a present that raises a smile is always a good idea. But it doesn’t have to be something pointless they will simply laugh at, thank you for – and then store away, never to look at again. Instead, look for well-designed products that have a subtle whimsical or humorous angle to then. But that also serves a function.

Pyramid Phone Holder

The latest gadget

While gadgets are always a popular choice of gift, chances are they’ll already have most of them. So don’t even think about buying them the latest smartphone on tablet.

But, you could look at related accessories for their tech items. How about a phone holder so that new smartphone can sit stylishly on their desk? Or a cool bag to carry their tablet around in.

Hobbies and interests

Do they have a hobby or interest? If so, get them something that speaks to their passion.

Perhaps they love reading? While you might not necessarily want to buy them a book (because they probably already have it). You could get them something to enhance their reading experience like bookends to display their favourite titles.

For tea or coffee lovers, you can’t go far wrong with a beautiful mug or cup. Or you could look for an exquisitely packaged coffee or tea gift sets with a selection of flavours. They are bound to enjoy sampling the different tastes.

Arrow Bookends


Instead of a present, how about giving them an experience? It could be anything from cinema tickets or a meal in their favourite restaurant. To a day out experiencing an activity like race track driving, or even a weekend away.

Get crafty

Instead of buying something, you could get crafty and make your gift. This means you will certainly be giving something original. The time and effort you put into it will be really appreciated. And if you’re artistic, you’ll probably enjoy the creative process too.

Whatever gift you choose to give, the most important thing is that it’s a heartfelt one. That’s the most essential ingredient of all.

I hope these tips give you some ideas of how to express your feelings through meaningful, but simple gifts. And if you want even more inspiration, visit the shop now.

[Images:  Mocha ]

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