Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants and Coffee

Urban Jungle Bloggers Plants and Coffee

This month’s topic for Urban Jungle Bloggers brings together two of my favourite things: Plants and Coffee. The theme instantly brought to mind images of sitting outside surrounded by nature and greenery, sipping an aromatic cup of coffee.  It’s always a simple, but blissful pleasure to savour. Whether sitting on a balcony, in a garden or at an outdoor cafe

But since the weather is still too cold for sitting outdoors, I had an idea: why not bring the outside in and turn an area of my lounge into an extension of the balcony?

Areca palms and coffee - Urban Jungle Bloggers

So I spread out a rug next to the window and brought together my Areca palms. The large one in the terracotta pot is usually kept outside. One of the smaller ones sits next to my desk, and just this week I added another to the collection. By placing plants on either side of a window, it creates a sense of depth and helps to blur the lines between inside and out.

Areca Palms - Urban Jungle Bloggers

Areca palms are beautiful. Not only do they give your home a tropical feel, but will also help to improve the air quality.

I brewed up a fresh cafetière of coffee and used a little folding stool that Samuel made several years ago from recycled off-cuts of wood, to serve as a coffee table. The addition of a cushion and a pile of books turned it into a tranquil and biophilic  indoor / outdoor zone to unwind, surrounded by plants.

Biophilic indoor outdoor space - Mocha

You might not know this, but I am also a trained Pilates instructor. So from time to time I love to take to the floor to sit. Whether it’s to relax and read, write or even to do some work. I find that it can give a different perspective on things.

And sitting on the floor is so good for your wellbeing. It makes you more flexible and helps improve your posture. It’s something we naturally do as kids, but often forget as we grow up. Even just the act of getting up and down from the floor gives you a little workout.

Indoor outdoor living - Urban Jungle Bloggers  Mocha

Plants and coffee turned out to be a real inspiration. I discovered that creating little seating nooks – even if temporary – can new interest to your space. And it’s amazing how the addition of a few plants can transform an interior. Blend in some chill-out music, a comfortable cushion, some fresh ground coffee. And you have the perfect place to relax and dream!

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series initiated by two bloggers: Igor of Happy Interior Blog and Judith of JOELIX.com. Every month bloggers from around the world join up and share ideas to create an urban jungle through styling ideas, DIYs, green tips and tricks. For even more inspiration visit the Urban Jungle Bloggers website.


9 Clever Designs That Integrate Storage With Stairs

Nine Clever Designs That Integrate Storage With Stairs | Mocha UK Blog

There are two elements of interior design I find particularly fascinating: staircases and smart storage ideas.

Staircases are transitional spaces that take you on a journey, transporting you from one area to another. While at the same time, their forms can also create an interesting architectural feature or focal point.

And who ever has enough storage? I love finding new solutions – especially those that use space in such innovative ways.

Now put the two together and you have a dynamic combination!

There are so many clever ways storage can be integrated with stairs: under, over and even inside.

Here are a few inspired ideas showing different ways your staircase can be used to provide valuable extra storage space, or serve an additional purpose.

White stairs with plants

Under stairs cloakroom

This simple staircase serves so many functions, without being cluttered. And the contrast between the smooth white stairs and rough brick wall surface, creates an impact.

I like how the wide curved treads are used to display plants, which really enlivens it. While the integrated cloakroom underneath hidden behind doors means that all clutter is kept out of site. The hooks attached to the overhang of the stair treads are also a clever touch.

Pull out storage units under the stairs

How about these pull out storage units? Three individual cupboards slide right out providing ample storage for coats, shoes and bags. And the oversized knobs add an interesting decorative feature, as well as useful place for hanging items.

Bookcase under the stairs

Home office under stairs

Under stairs reading nook

The space under the stairs can be an ideal place for a built-in bookcase, home office – or even cosy reading nook!

Stairs with drawers

The staircase itself can become a storage unit. Take a look at this smart design where pull out drawers are built into the stair risers.

Bookcase staircase

And how about his bookcase staircase? Perfect for book lovers.

Staircase bookshelves

Here’s another good one for anyone with a large book collection. These bookshelves are built into the wall on the side of the stairwell and stagger up to the top, finishing at a small cantilevered study space.

Staircase with bookshelves and a slide

Staircase with a slide and bookshelves

And to end on a fun note. How much would you enjoy this staircase with integrated bookshelves and a slide? ;-)

Right now I live in an apartment and don’t have a staircase to try out any of these design ideas. But one day I’d love to have a home with stairs just so I could have some cool storage features like these.

Which ones are your favourites?

 [Image credits: 1 & 2 – Alvhem | 3 - Muotopuoli-blogi | 4 – Samuel Ansbacher | 5 – Remodelista | 6 – Houzz | 7 – Mocha / Jordan Parnass | 9 – Levitate Architects  | 10 – Dezeen | 11 – Moon Hoon ]

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