Urban Jungle Bloggers: Hanging Planters For Succulents

Hanging planters with succulents - Urban Jungle Bloggers - Mocha

When you think of hanging planters, you usually picture large, lush trailing plants, cascading down from hanging baskets.

So I had a bit of a dilemma with this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers topic: hanging planters.

You see, I do have a couple of trailing plants. But right now they are quite tiny, and wouldn’t make much of an impact on their own.

Here is my Seddum Burrito succulent.

Seddum Burrito succulent - Mocha

As you can see, it is very small.

Although, this is what it could look like eventually …

Succulents - Seddum Burrito - Mocha

But when I got thinking further about how to approach this month’s post, I realised that a hanging planter didn’t necessarily have to be a traditional basket.

In fact, it could be the perfect solution to display my five little succulents and make more of a feature of them. They usually sit on the shelf of a bookcase. And because of their size, they can get a bit lost.

Succulents - Mocha

So I decided to create a vertical hanging planter for my succulents. With Samuel‘s help, we came up with a design together, and made one using off-cuts of birch ply and some chain from a hardware store.

And these are the results:

Vertical Hanging Planter for Succulents by Mocha

Succulent hanging planters from Mocha

Succulent vertical hanging planter - Mocha

If you would like to have go at making one yourself, here’s a little tutorial for you about how we made it.

How to make a Vertical Hanging Planter for Succulents

Hanging planter tutorial - Measuring diameter of succulent pot

First, we decided on the height of the vertical hanging planter and cut the chain into four equal lengths.

Samuel measured the diameter of the succulent pot under the rim. He cut six squares from off-cuts of plywood, proportionally larger in size than the pots. Five were for each of the pots, and an extra as a top spacer.

He then drew diagonal lines from corner to corner on five of the pieces – in order to find the centre.

Hanging planter tutorial - Birch ply squares for succulent planter - Mocha

Using a pillar drill (with a cutter a couple of millimeters smaller than the diameter of the pot) he drilled a hole through the five squares. And we then tested them to check the fit.

Hanging planter tutorial - Succulent with birch plywood - Mocha

Tutorial - hanging planter for succulents - Mocha

Next, using a belt sander, we sanded all of the edges and both sides, going in the direction of the grain. And Samuel then sanded off each of the corners to make a flat.

Tutorial - hanging planter sanding plywood squares - Mocha

We drilled a hole into each corner of the blocks. Going in a few millemetres to prevent the wood from splitting.

(Tip: After this stage, it is a good idea to seal the wood. Either with lacquer, or oil and wax to protect the wood from water damage.)

Tutorial - how to make a hanging planter - Mocha

Starting at the bottom of the chain, screwed a screw at each corner, connecting the chain to the plant holder.

Hanging planter tutorial from Mocha

It was then time to test it again with the plant pot.

Tutorial - how to make a hanging planter for succulents - Mocha

It worked! So we continued joining the rest of the plant holders at equal distances going up the chain, finishing with the top support. We then joined the rest of the chain together at the top with a larger chain link. (Or you could also use a key ring to do this.)

Hanging planter tutorial from Mocha

And there you have it – a vertical hanging planter for succulents!

Succulent hanging planter tutorial from Mocha

Feel free to share this tutorial. And if you do decide to make a hanging planter yourself, I’d love to see some pictures :-)

Vertical hanging planters for succulents - Urban Jungle Bloggers - Mocha

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[Photography: Sarah Ansbacher]

Biophilic Design: Why Do We Find A Room With A View So Appealing?

Biophilic Design -  a room with a view

If I was to ask you to list the main criteria you would like for your dream home, what would they be?

I’m guessing that high up on your wish list might be for your home to be situated in a location with a breathtaking view. (Perhaps by the sea, in the mountains, countryside or in a forest.) And to be able to enjoy the scenery with a panoramic vista of it through your windows.

Biophilic design - bedroom with a view of the sea

We are all attracted to rooms that have an amazing view.

Hotel rooms with the best view are usually the most desired ones. And when it comes to buying a home, it’s that old story – location, location, location. A house by the sea or one located in open green surroundings will cost more than an a identical sized house situated on a nondescript suburban street. In fact, one report found that a house in England with a water view could attract a premium of up to 66%!

So why do we find a room with a view so appealing? What makes it so irresistible that we’re happy to spend more for the hotel room with the stunning view, rather than the one overlooking the back alley?

Mediterranean style living room with sea view

It comes down to prospect and refuge, one of the principle elements of Biophilic Design.

The theory was first proposed by Jay Appleton, a British geographer. He discovered that we instinctively prefer places where we can see a wide view of our surroundings. While at the same time, has partial concealment that gives us a feeling of safety and retreat.

Scandinavian design cabin - Biophilic Design - Prospect and Refuge

A few years back I was trying to figure out and define my interior style. And I realised that one of the themes I kept coming back to was the intersection of nature with architecture and interiors.

Eventually, I discovered that there was a name for this combination of nature and design: biophilia.

Living room with a view of nature - Biophilic Design

Nature is beautiful. It can be captivating and awe-inspiring. But sometimes it can be overwhelming and make us feel a bit vulnerable or lost. While a view of a built up area, with no greenery can feel oppressive – and rather depressing.

But combine the two together and something amazing happens!

Room with a view - prospect and refuge - biophilia

And I think that’s why we are instinctively drawn to a room with a view.  Our attraction is both to the view and the interior. It’s the combination that makes it so compelling and appealing.

And in particular, that element of prospect and refuge.

When we’re able to look out into the open it makes us feel free. We can see opportunities coming. Views into the distance helps lift our spirits.

While at the same time, to be ensconced in room that has an aesthetically pleasing interior gives us a sense of comfort. It makes us feel secure and protected.

A room with a view of the sea

There’s something cosy about sitting at the window watching a storm while you’re warm and dry inside. Looking out at the crashing waves of the sea. Or at a grove of trees swaying in a gentle breeze. And there’s a magic in watching the sun rise over the hills, or on the horizon across the water.

What do you think?

If you have enjoyed this post, please share it. Sharing is caring. Thank you.

[Image credits: 1 - Lischer Partner Architekten via gblog | 2 – Hurwitz James Company |  3 – Nuevo Estilo | 4 – Remodelista | 5 – C Home – Photography: Matthew Millman  | 6 – Vipp | 7 – Freshome ]

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