Giveaway: Nessie Ladle and Herb Infuser

Nessie Ladle and Herb Infuser Giveaway

When the sun starts setting earlier and the weather feels crisp and cooler, then you know autumn has definitely arrived. And for me, this time of year always has associations with delicious soups. Especially orange coloured soups made with carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin that reflects the golden hues of the leaves changing colour on the trees.

While there’s nothing more delicious than a crunchy salad in the summer, it doesn’t always have the same appeal on a chilly autumnal day. We are then more inclined towards warming comfort food. And what could be more warming than a tasty bowl of hot soup? It’s the ultimate comfort food and what’s more, a hearty vegetable soup is nutritious too.

So in celebration of this mellow, golden time of year I thought it was time for a special giveaway of a Nessie Ladle and Herb Infuser. Two essential accessories – with a twist – to help you make and serve your own tempting soups.

Nessie Ladle and Herb Infuser giveaway from Mocha Casa

Some kitchen accessories are useful. Others cute. But Nessie Ladle is both. This adorable soup ladle will dive in to serve your soup; and with her clever little feet she’ll stand upright in your pots or kitchen worktop, when not in use.  Herb Infuser is perfect for adding fresh herbs to season your soups, stews and stocks. Locked inside the infuser they enhance your recipes without escaping into the pot.

Would you like to try and win them? Entering is very easy and you have three different ways to enter. (Or you can enter three times ;-) ):

1) Add a comment at the bottom of this post to tell me – why would you like to win the Nessie Ladle and Herb Infuser?

2) Tweet a link to this post on Twitter adding the hashtag #mochagiveaway

3) Pin the images in this post to Pinterest and add the hastag #mochagiveaway

The  will be chosen at random on Tuesday 6 October 2015 (after 10.00pm UK time)

Good luck!

PS: As always, this competition is open to international readers too :-)


The Benefits Of Fruit For Breakfast

A bowl of coloured fruits - the benefits of fruit for breakfast

My grandfather always used to start his breakfast with an apple. And he might have been onto something there.  According to Ayurvedic philosophy, breakfast is the optimum time to eat fruit. Similarly, Maimonides – the famous 12th Century  Spanish physician, writer and scholar – also advised that the most beneficial way to eat fruit is on an empty stomach.

Eating fruit for breakfast helps you start your day with a burst of energy and vitamins!

The trend for smoothies has certainly made fruit more of a trend now (instead of the traditional cereal and milk option). However, the problem with smoothies is that when you blend up the fruit it’s easy to knock back up to eight fruits in one shot. So although you’re getting a dose of vitamins, you’re also getting a large hit of sugar. Plus, you also loose much of the healthy fibre – the component that helps make you feel full.

Fruit for breakfast in a handmade bowl

The easiest thing is to keep it simple.  Just cut up some raw fruit and you have a healthy breakfast right there.  All you need is a chopping board and a knife.  (An additional benefit is that they’re easier to wash up afterwards than a blender). You’ll get all the nutritional goodness, and it will keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

You can further enhance the experience of your new morning ritual by selecting something special to eat it out of like a beautiful handmade bowl.

However, the beauty of this healthy breakfast is that it’s also easy to eat if you’re on the run or in a rush to get to work. Simply fill up a tub of chopped fruits or even bring some whole ones with you.

Enjoy experimenting with combinations of different fruits in season that you enjoy like nectarines, plums and mango or kiwi, banana and apple. You could also add a some dried fruits like dates and figs. Or for a little crunch, a few nuts like almonds, cashews or pecans.

Do you eat fruit for breakfast? And if so, what are your favourite combinations?

[Images: Sarah Ansbacher]

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